"Even the most docile human being is capable of murder in the right set of circumstances. Especially, when someone takes away the person they love"

"Something always brings me back to you. It never takes too long.”

R&I 5x11: ‘It’s an aphrodisiac.’

Rizzoli & Isles 5x11, A summary

Basically the list of things that mattered in this episode

Missed Chances (Rizzoli & Isles, 5x11) →


The one where all hopes for the show to get better officially melted away…

Before this review will most likely turn into a heated rant, let me point out again that none of this is meant to attack the writers personally. It’s only about their writing, especially this time. Sam…

I think it’s really hard for bisexuals because there is the illusion of choice. Because obviously being in a gay relationship isn’t as easy as being in a straight relationship. [x

You need to stop with your perfection, jk never stop 

Plenty of legitimate reasons for Jane to sleep at Maura's place →


  • nightmares
  • serial killer on the loose
  • caring for baby
  • want refuge from family at Maura’s
  • want to be close to family who now lives at Maura’s
  • need comfort after almost being murdered
  • need comfort after breakup
  • need late-night access to a yoga room
  • utilities turned off at apartment
  • no…

”(…) lo que mucha gente llama amar consiste en elegir a una mujer y casarse con ella. La eligen, te lo juro, los he visto. Como si se pudiese elegir en el amor, como si no fuera un rayo que te parte los huesos y te deja estaqueado en la mitad del patio. Vos dirás que la eligen porque la aman, yo creo que es al verse. A Beatriz no se la elige, a Julieta no se la elige. Vos no elegís la lluvia que te va a calar hasta los huesos cuando salís de un concierto…”

Capítulo 39, Rayuela, Cortazar

"What many people call love consists in finding a woman and marrying her. They choose her, I swear, I’ve seen them. As if you could choose in love, as if love wasn’t a lightning that breaks your bones and leaves you stuck in the middle of the field. You could say they choose them because they love them, but I think it’s the other way around. You can’t choose Beatrice, you can’t choose Juliet. You can’t choose the rain that’s going to soak your bones."

Chapter 39, Rayuela, Cortazar.


Chicas con sombreros y café. #sketch


Chicas con sombreros y café. #sketch


You are a drug dealer! And it is ruining everything good in your life.

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Castle actress Stana Katic shot in Big Sur for Good Housekeeping September 2014 issue —- utopiatheagency   bloodandco  stanakatic